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-Photographed with Master Ashely Casteneda.


Combat sport
Boxing / Coach at "Fédération de boxe Olympique du Québec".
Tae Kwon Do / Black Belt at "World  Taekwondo Federation".

"In the last forty years, I’ve spent my 10,000 hours in the gym. I learned how to stay consistent over the years. Having a healthy lifestyle. Enjoying doing it. Don't be too hard on yourself, you want to show up tomorrow — but don't get lazy. Results will come.

You are in control of your goals.


Being a gym guy, I love to sweat surrounded by people that inspire me to push harder. So the environment is crucial. I’ve worked out in many gyms and I was fortunate to twice experience a gym that I called "home."


I spent my twenties at the renowned dojo, Chong Soo Lee Taekwondo. A dojo of champions. With the philosophy of our mentor Grand Master Chong Soo Lee, we learned to perform while respecting and helping each other. We built bonds that still exist today. I am who I am in the gym today thanks to the legacy of our mentor.

I coached Taekwondo in the Canadian Armed Forces for a few years.


It took me years to reconnect to that feeling in a gym. I found that sense of belonging at the YMCA Downtown Montreal, where I have been working out for 20 years and coaching boxing.


BOXE OFFICE is my new challenge. Building a ''home'' for those who want to be disciplined and determined to work hard in reaching new goals. But, most importantly, to be part of a team."

About Normand sport
About Normand photographer

-BTS Advertising campaign for the MLS team Montreal Impact.


Sport / Advertising Photographer

To see my photography work, visit my website at

"I face every shoot trying to communicate how I feel. I need to connect with my subject. I am fortunate to be able to work in the other thing I am passionate about, which is photography.


Being an advertising photographer for over two decades, I have been technically and creatively challenged. From a single product shot to a complex national campaign spread out over weeks, you have to stay focused, be organized, and be a good communicator in order to deliver results. You are as good as your last shoot.


In parallel with my commercial work, I always work on personal projects. This is when I recharge my batteries. Exploring new avenues. No expectations. Always needed it, always will.


Spending years in gyms, I’ve met a lot of people. While some had short-term goals, some, on the other end, faced longer journeys. But they all had something in common: wanting to achieve their goals.


"ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE'' will be my next long-term photography project. I will illustrate the journey of those aiming for their success."

  • Lurzer's Archive 200 Best Photographers Worldwide / 2019-2020

  • Lurzer's Archive 200 Best Photographers Worldwide / 2016-2017

  • Applied Arts Photography Annual / 2017

  • LUX Still Life Photography / 2016

  • PDN's Photo Annual Self Promo / 2015

  • LUX Sport Photography / 2012

  • Lurzer's Archive 200 Best Photographers Worldwide 2010-2011

  • PDN's Digital Imaging First Place Advertising / 2010

  • IPA int'l photography awards Fine Art Portrait / 2010

  • IPA  int'l Photography Awards  Still Life Photography / 2010

  • Applied Arts Advertising Photography / 2006

  • PDN's Photo Annual Website Category / 2004

  • Extra Awards Advertising Photography / 2004

  • Publicité Club Advertising Photography / 2004

  • Prints Advertising Photography / 2002

  • Publicité Club Advertising Photography / 2001

  • Extra Awards Grand Prize Advertising Photography / 2001

  • LUX Grand Prize Advertising Photography / 2001

  • LUX Grand Prize Still Life / 1999

  • LUX Grand Prize Still Life / 1998

- Abbvie - Adidas - Air Canada - Alcan - Alcoa - National Bank - Bauer - Belair Direct - Bell - Burger King - Camoplast - Canada Post - Canal D - Canal Vie - Cheese Rolling - Coka Cola - Dairy Farmers of Canada - Durex - FAME, the musical - Fantasia Movie Festival - Footloose, the musical - Ford - Gaz Metro - General Electric - General Motor - Glarise - Grape Growers of Ontario - Honda - Humira - Hydro Quebec - Ingram Micro - La Capitale -Lexus - Loto Quebec - MAS Industries - McDonald's - Medtronic - Microsoft - Midas - Miller Coors - Moksha Yoga - MLS Montreal Impact - Molson  - New York Magazine - L'Oréal - Pendopharm - Pfizer - Pharmaprix - Pratt and Whitney - Presse cafe - Red Bull - Reitmans - Remicade - Reno Depot - Rogers ATT - Royal Canadian Mint - SAQ - Sun Life - Sysco - Telus - Toyota - Urbania - Wallpaper Magazine -Warrior...


This is my ongoing project documenting the journey of those aiming for success.

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